Sunday, 1 October 2017

Another little project off the check list

I finally got around to sending off my vehicle wound tracker designs to Troll Trader a few weeks ago and I received the templates today. A few things seem to have gone awry with the cutting process but I can still totally make something usable out of these..

Somehow the hole didn't get cut, so I drilled it out. Note to self, drill it out before you glue the two halves together so that you can sand it down properly afterwards..

The long rectangular nameplate was supposed to be kept, but it seems like they threw it away with the rest of the cut outs! Doh! I made one up from a few layers of plasticard.

This had the added advantage that I could 'test' the idea of the wound tracker being made from acrylic as well, with the idea being that whatever colour the rest of the tracker was, the nameplate would be in opaque white acrylic so the player could write on it.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

More putty..

I added some interior details to the passenger compartment (two Cap Light Infantry backpacks and an M50 assault rifle) then finally took the plunge and glued the front and back sections together, rendering the interior more or less inaccessible for further painting.

After that, more milliput, and more sanding once that dries. I'm so close to actually being able to start painting the exterior!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Almost there

Interiors done, ready for for final assembly of the fuselage and then we will see what gap filling is required above the cockpit and below the passenger compartment.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

I see a grey helicopter and I want to paint it black

..but I cant. At least, not yet.

I finished filling the gaps and then re-doing the intentional gaps between the panels, theb sanded down the Milliput so that it is hopefully smooth enough that it will blend in with the resin once painted. Spent a little while trying to hot water bend the landing gear into the right shape as well as the passenger compartment floor on both halves. It looks straight now but I guess I will find out when I try to glue it together.

However, I've decided I want to paint the interior and the easiest way to do that is to paint it before glueing the two halves of the fuselage together. This is complicated by the fact that the two points where the parts join will both have gaps that need to be filled and sanded, which would make a mess of a primer coat if I put one down.

So Ive primed only the interior for now, which I will paint tomorrow. Then I can perform the necessary putty work and sand it, mask off the interior and prime the rest of the LARC..

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Breaking the habit of a lifetime!

I recently backed the Kore Aeronautics kickstarter for their L.A.R.C aircraft so I could use it in my small Capital force for Warzone (it makes a pretty good counts-as Emancipator). This KS had a very fast turn around of just a few months and when it arrived yesterday I decided that no, I would not put this in my hobby closet to be built 'later' just like all my other KS rewards sitting in said closet.

I would build it right now!


Despite the number of parts, actually building the LARC Talon is pretty easy. The tricky part is the cleaning of the parts prior to assembly, and some parts will need to be straightened in hot water. The landing gear / skids and the back piece that connects the rear half of the passenger compartment and the tail (part 3, below) will both need it.

It seems the easiest way to build it is to attach the 1s and 2s together to make a front and rear sub assembly. Then attach part 3 and do your best to line things up, then the tail .

Several hours of sanding later to make the curves of the fuselage match up.. it looks pretty good even when loosely assembled and held together with blu tack! Of course, next step is gap filling followed by even more sanding..

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How many panels is enough? Always one more than you have!

Progress! I burned through another sheet of plasticard (okay, two) but made some exterior panels, as well as some small vertical panels for the ends of the corridors..

This gave me the level of interior detail I was hoping for, without protruding too much from the walls to make model movement difficult (of course, the actual rooms themselves is another story). I painted them up and fitted them in place, then followed Tom Schadle's colour scheme for the Warsenal Cosmica terrain - more or less - since the base colour of orange and white is what Antenocitis use on their own pre-coloured Forward Base set.

..and here it is, finally finished!

Monday, 21 August 2017

The horse lives!

With a new pressure switch fitted, my compressor is up and running again so this weekend was spent catching up on those Antenocitis Workshop corridor detail pieces. I havent glued the parts together yet as I will do another weathering pass.. and maybe add some more white, since these panels were supposed to BE white, but ended up a light grey.

But all things considered I am pretty happy with it so far, and will create similar panels for the front and back walls of the habitat.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Back on the horse.. and then it died

So after a long time of ruefully eyeing up my Silhouette Portrait (which has been buried under a pile of hobby clutter for the last six months) I was finally motivated to break it out by the release of the Antenocitis Workshop "Forward Base" terrain, which I wanted to use on my Mars table for Warzone.

It arrived and was moderately fancy (not as shiny as the Cosmica stuff from Warsenal, but not as expensive, either.. so it just comes out ahead!) but the large flat colours give the terrain an overly simple look that doesn't suit Warzone. So with the Portrait literally dusted off, I got to work on some interior and exterior panel designs. Three sheets of 10 thou plasticard later, and I have these (left side is before punching out the cut away parts)

..which combine to make one of these!

..which goes here!

I was all set to prime and paint these interior panels and then when I started up my airbrush, the compressor died. I'm not confident I can get the desired level of smoothness if I paint these by hand, so for now I will have to continue making panels while I wait for the replacement pressure switch to arrive for the compressor.

Fudge! I was really hoping to finish off those corridor sections quickly.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Project 3

So after sitting on the fence for the better part of two years I finally decided on which minis to use for my Grenadier Veteran kill team; I went with Anvil's "Regiments" range and picked up my order from Salute over the weekend. So now I have the Armoured Sentinel (built, needs painting), my 10-man veteran squad (built, needs painting) and my Taurox (will be built as soon as I remember where I put my Victoria Miniatures wheel kit).

That means they are almost playable on the tabletop, both in 7th edition Kill Team and Shadow War Armageddon.. and just in time for the former to perhaps be invalidated by 8th edition 40k. Ho hum!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bauhaus Progress

I had a little time this weekend to tidy up the paint job on one of my BAK squads and rebase the models to work with WZR 2.0. When I glue the other three crew to the base of my second gun, I'll actually have a squad I can call complete! (Everything else has had paint on it for almost 2 years, but doesn't really look finished)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Mini-project Progress

That's the last of the Warzone tokens I'm doing for the club - 300 in all. Phew! Also got the WREL prize cards back from ArtsCow. Print quality is good, card quality is OK but of course the image doesn't quite match up with what I saw in the card maker so I need to expand the image a little so the black edges don't show up. Not a big deal, and hopefully by mid-March I will have a few sets ready to ship out.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Now THAT is a Tie Swarm!

More precision flying from the HotAC AI. These guys are really gunning for the YT we are trying to protect!

Monday, 13 February 2017

NoPaint < PrePaint < RePaint?

So, not exactly a paint job per say, just a repaint over the basic HWK-290 model for X-Wing.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Progress on the wrong thing is still progress, right?

So it seems January is the month for trying to finish off small projects as I build myself up to some of the bigger ones that have been sitting for half a year (or more) on my painting table. My Warzone 2.0 tokens are done and I just have another 100 to make before I can give them out:

..and after some trial and error with printing the 'promo' cards, not to mention my requests for icons etc falling on deaf ears, I have figured out how to proceed with the production of them and I they are about set for Artscow:

I also painted a few more Undead Legionnaires for Warzone and finally got around to assembling my Necromutants, all of which I need so I can record a small tutorial on how the "Turning" rule works in 2.0. But perhaps most importantly, I finally finished my son's mech, his Thunderbolt TDR5-SS. Overall I am happy with how it turned out although I will probably add some decals later, and I may reposition the left arm since it is about 1mm futher back than the right and when held at the correct angle it is very noticeable.